Nanna’s Lied

Music: Kurt Weill; lyric: Bertolt Brecht

Nanna’s Song

Bertolt Brecht; translation by Kim H. Kowalke

Gentlemen, I was only 17 when I landed on the love market. And I learned a lot of things — mostly bad, but that was the game. Still, I resented much of it. (After all, I am a human being). Thank God it all goes by quickly — both the love and sorrow. Where are the tears of last night? Where are the snows of years gone by?
As the years go by, it gets easier on the love market — easier to embrace a whole troop there. But it’s amazing how your feelings cool off when you’re stingy with them. (After all, everything gets used up eventually). Thank God it all goes by quickly…
And although you learn the tricks of the trade on the love market, it’s never easy to convert lust into small change. Still, it can be done, but meanwhile you get a little older. (After all, you can’t stay 17 forever). Thank God it all goes by quickly…

Music as a Path

Music is a path. It connects us with Truth.

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If not, it falls apart and becomes… notes.

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