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The tradition of Western music — What, How, and Why — online, via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and email. Pay via PayPal, or (in the United States and Thailand) by direct deposit; moderate fees, package discounts!

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Online Tutoring in Music Theory, all levels
Keyboard Harmony
Species Counterpoint
Tonal Counterpoint
Schenkerian Analysis
Analysis for Pianists
Music History

$50 per hour, package discounts;

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Music History for Children (Baroque through 20th Century)
Online course (8 weeks), with listening assignments, readings, and conversation by FaceTime — a good resource for home schoolers

The Voice of the Bard: an ongoing online course in interpretation
I explore the inner life of great music in performances and lectures on Podfan.

If I know only the WHAT of music — what sounds come when —
I’m like a parrot, who repeats what he’s heard.
If I know WHY — the desire that gives life to each note —
I can BE the music.

The cost is $15 for a month — new recordings each week — or $175 for a year.

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