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The tradition of Western music — What, How, and Why — online, via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, and email. Pay via PayPal, or (in the United States and Thailand) by direct deposit; moderate fees, package discounts!

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For Performers:

Analysis for Pianists (the composer’s thought revealed through harmonic reduction and Schenkerian analysis)

Lied Interpretation for Singers and Collaborative Pianists (all aspects: text, music, diction, technique)



For Composers:


Techniques of Music:

Solfège and Dictation


Keyboard Harmony

Species Counterpoint

Tonal Counterpoint

Form in Music

Schenkerian Analysis

Keyboard Skills

For Listeners:

The Lied for Listeners

Classical Music and the History of Consciousness (10 week course with listening assignments, readings, and conversation via email or FaceTime)

Music expresses basic truths about the cosmos and our place in it, truths also found in religion and philosophy. As consciousness touches these basic truths, now from one side, now from another, so does music. The history of music belongs to the history of consciousness.

Through listening, reading, and discussion, we explore this history in music from 1600 to the present.

Music History for Children, Baroque to Contemporary (8 week course with listening assignments, readings, and conversation via FaceTime — a good resource for home schoolers or any child studying music)

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